JETRIDE & associated services have been developed to combat the current ride-hailing challenges faced by urban & rural users. Designed with a simplistic UI for users with multi-language support, JETRIDE is an all-rounded dependable platform for customers & drivers.

The Company


The E hailing industry is antiquated and has remained relatively unchanged, with minimal use of technology, sub par service levels, and no national brand. JETRIDE is the first national brand for on-demand rides. We offer businesses a superior experience built on convenience, reliability and unmatched customer service, all powered by our proprietary technology platform. We provide easy web and mobile ordering, flexible ride options, transparent pricing, real-time tracking and confirmations, up-to-the-minute ETAs, Runner Ratings and a feature-rich API for a seamless “last mile” logistics solution. JETRIDE is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Story


JETRIDE was born to help solve the solution for Drivers who complain of Excess Commission from other App company. wiseone thought of finding a solution for driver partner and also for the rider who complain of surge pricing and cancellation charges. After having several meetings with the drivers, Wiseone decided to sell his Car and create a platform more favorable to the Drivers and also to the customers by eliminating Excess commission for the Drivers and making the fare. Convinced there was a better way to service customers and treat Drivers right while reducing the comission so Drivers are making profits and not employee like wages, Wiseone made his platform available to Driver Partner and in less than 365 days had recruited over 400 Driver Partner from some of the top App companies that were treating those Partners poorly. Together, they all  intend to create a new, “21st century” Transportation  company with JETRIDE for Nigerians.